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Here is the information about our September 2018 weekend!


SEPTEMBER 7, 8 & 9TH, 2018

FACEBOOK: 2018 Yankee District Rose and Photo Show/Lobsterfest

Friday, Sept 7th - Boat ride - $25 person. SORRY - BOAT FULL!

We need to be at the boat 4:30-4:45 the Captain wants to leave by 5.
Monomoy Island Excursions
Address: 702 MA-28, Harwich Port, MA 02646
Phone: (508) 430-7772

Followed by dinner

Brax Landing is a famous restaurant steps away (literally) from the boat.  


Saturday, Sept 8th - Rose Show and Photo Contest!
Dennis Senior Center, 1045 MA 134, South Dennis, MA 02660
Entries accepted 7:30 - 10 AM. Open to public after judging has ended, awards at 2:45PM

Schedule -horticultural and design

Schedule - photography

LOBSTERFEST - Greys Beach, Yarmouthport, MA (Bass Hole) begin gathering 5:30 –

Lobster, steak tips or Statler (free range) chicken $40
(chowder, steamers/mussels, linguica, red bliss potatoes, corn on the cob, cole slaw and watermelon.) Special diet requests - email me (caperose@gmail.com)and I will call the restaurant with your request.

Send check [for boat and/or meal] made out to LCRS convention to Audrey Osborn
12 Scotch Pine Farm
E. Harwich, MA 02645

Sunday, September 9th - 10AM - Yankee District Business meeting, at Cindy & Irwin Ehrenreich’s house, 3780 Main St (6A) Barnstable, MA followed by an extraordinary opportunity to save many roses not in commerce any longer. Irwin & Cindy have generously offered members of the Yankee District cuttings of their roses. We will have rooting hormone, soil and containers so you can easily bring your “prepared” cuttings home safely.



Hope to see you all there!


Rose Show Schedule

Yankee District
American Rose Society

Dennis Senior Center & Council on Aging
1045 MA134
South Dennis, Massachusetts
September 8, 2018

Rules for Rose Specimen Entries

1. Except as noted in the schedule, competition is open to all rose growers regardless of residence. All entries must have been grown by the exhibitor in his or her own private outdoor garden. Only one person or team from any one garden may enter a Class.

2. Entries will be received from 7:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., Saturday, September 8, 2018. Judging will begin at 10:30 a.m. The show will open to the public at 1:00 p.m. or when judging is complete.

3. The show committee will furnish all containers, including those specified for challenge classes. All entries must be accompanied by a securely folded ARS entry tag showing: section, class, variety name, and the exhibitor(s)' name and address. Both portions of the entry tag must be completed.

4. Wedges and supports are permitted. An entry may be penalized if wedging material extends above the top of the vase according to its degree of distraction.

5. Rose varieties exhibited must be entered under the approved exhibition name of the American Rose Society as listed on the ARS data base, Modern Roses 12, the Official List of Approved Exhibition Names for Judges & Exhibitors, the Handbook for Selecting Roses, the Rose Registrations column of the American Rose magazine and the Combined Rose List. Classification of all roses shall be in accordance with ARS publications to the date of the show.

6. This is an alphabetical show. With the exception of challenge classes and classes specifying multiple varieties, all roses in each class will be placed alphabetically and each variety in each class shall constitute a separate class to be judged separately.

7. ARS Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates will be awarded to Queen, King and Princess of Show. ARS Miniature Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates will be awarded to Miniature Queen, King and Princess of Show. ARS Mini-Flora Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates will be awarded to Mini-Flora Queen, King and Princess of Show. ARS Certificates will be awarded in all other classes for which available.

8. During placement, only the Show Committee will be permitted in the show area, however, exhibitors shall be allowed to place their entries in all classes without restriction. During the judging, only Judges, Clerks, and members of the Show Committee shall be permitted in the show area.

9. A challenge class exhibit may not be touched, moved, or adjusted by any person other than the exhibitor prior to the judging of the class. Exhibits should be placed so that they do not interfere with those of any other exhibitor.

10. Judging shall be in accordance with rules and regulations of the American Rose Society, and all decisions of the judges are final. Blue ribbon winners only will be eligible for trophy awards.

11. Horticulture Division entries in violation of ARS or Show Rules shall be disqualified. Entries shall also be disqualified for the following reasons:

a. Misnamed, misclassed, misplaced, unlabeled or mislabeled roses
b. Stem-on-stem (except for OGRs and Shrubs).
c. Presence of foreign substance applied to the foliage, stem or bloom.

12. Trophies will be awarded on Saturday, September 8, at 3:00 p.m.

13. Neither the Yankee District, the Lower Cape Rose Society, shall be liable for loss or damage to entries, containers, or property, or for injury to persons attending the rose show. Liability of all nature is disclaimed.

Specimens will be judged on a 100 point scale as follows:

Form​​​​25 Points
Color​​​ ​20 Points
Substance​​ 15 Points
Stem and Foliage​​20 Points
Balance and Proportion​10 Points
Size​​​ 10 Points



Section A — Yankee District Challenge Classes
Each container in classes 1–5 must have its own entry tag.

Class 1
J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy

Five (5) hybrid tea blooms, each a different variety, displayed in separate containers. This class is open to ARS Members residing within the Yankee District.

Class 2
Ralph S. Moore District Award
Seven (7) miniature roses, each a different variety, exhibited in separate containers. All roses must be at exhibition stage. This class is open to ARS members residing within the Yankee District.

*Class 3*
AARS Has been discontinued

Class 4
Yankee Rosarian Trophy
Three (3) different shrub varieties (classic or modern), one bloom or spray (two or more blooms), exhibited in three separate containers.

Class 5
Yankee District Ben Williams Miniflora Trophy
Five (5) mini-flora blooms, each a different variety, displayed in separate containers.




Section B
Horticultural Classes

Class 6
One Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora bloom without sidebuds
Queen, King and Princess of Show

Class 7
One open Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora bloom
Stamens prominently showing.

Class 8
One Floribunda bloom without sidebuds

Class 9
One Floribunda spray

Class 10
One Polyantha spray

Class 11
One bloom or spray of a climber
Includes varieties classified as Large Flowered Climbers (LCl),
Hybrid Wichuranas (HWich) or Hybrid Giganteas (HG)

Class 12
One Classic Shrub bloom or spray
Shrub varieties with the family designations (HKor), (HMoy), (HMsk) or (HRg)


Class 13
One Modern Shrub bloom or spray
Varieties without a family designation classified as (S)

Class 14
Dowager Queen
Varieties introduced prior to 1867, including roses of unknown dates
known to have been in existence prior to 1867

Class 15
Victorian Award
Varieties introduced in 1867 or after,
or with unknown dates of origin after 1867

Class 16
One Miniature bloom without sidebuds
Queen, King and Princess of Show

Class 17
One Miniature spray


Class 18
One Miniflora bloom without sidebuds
Queen, King and Princess of Show


Class 19
One Miniflora spray

Class 20
One open Miniature or Miniflora bloom
Stamens prominently showing.

Class 21
Rose Bowl, Large roses
One rose of any type other than miniature or miniflora, fully open with stamens prominently showing, floating in a bowl of clear water. No stem or foliage.

Class 22
Rose Bowl, Miniature roses
One miniature rose, fully open with stamens prominently showing, floating in a bowl of clear water. No stem or foliage.

Class 23
Rose Bowl, Miniflora roses
One mini-flora rose, fully open with stamens prominently showing, floating in a bowl of clear water. No stem or foliage.

Class 24
English Box, Large Roses
Six blooms exhibited without foliage in a box provided by the Show Committee, either hybrid tea/grandifloras (one to three varieties, exhibition
form), or floribundas (one to three varieties), or shrubs (classic or modern, one to three varieties.

Class 25
English Box, Miniature/Miniflora Roses
Six miniature or miniflora roses, one to three varieties, exhibited without foliage in a box provided by the Show Committee.

​Class 26
Judges of the Show
Judges of the show and immediate family may enter up to three specimens corresponding to Classes 6–20. Please note the corresponding class on the entry tag.

Section C
Class 27
Rosedale Bowl
Five hybrid tea blooms, each a different variety correctly named in separate containers. Open to any American Rose Society member.

Class 28
Ruth Tiedeman Trophy
“Pilgrims’ Landing”

Awarded to the highest scoring standard traditional line-mass arrangement using arranger grown roses of two or more horticultural classifications and must conform to the following rules:


Class 28 Rules
Arrangers must be members of the American Rose Society.
Arrangement must be of fresh outdoor arranger grown roses. 
“AG” must be written or checked on the entry tag.
Roses must provide the dominant floral interest.
Roses must be correctly named on the entry tag.
The official scorecard will be used.
The winning entry must score 92 points or more.
Reservations are not required, but are encouraged. Please contact Craig Dorschel at craigdorschel@charter.net




Information for Exhibitors

Rose Show Chairperson:
Oz Osborn

Chairman of Judges:
Dave Ciak

Horticulture Judges:
Pat Shanley, Dave Long, Joe Gibson
Ann Gibson, Jackie Bruskin, Marci Martin

Arrangement Judges:
Pat Shanley, Craig Dorschel

Show Location:
Dennis Senior Center & Council on Aging
1045 MA134
South Dennis, MA​​

Preparation and Properties:
Preparation space may be limited and exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own tables for preparation. Specialized properties for challenge classes are limited and all properties will become available at 7:30 am. Entries close promptly at 10:15 am.

Directions to the Show Venue
Take either bridge onto the cape and take route 6 to exit 9B.
Take route 134 North.
The Senior Center will be on the left at the intersection of Setucket Road.


Yankee District Convention Fall 2018

Rose Show in Photographs-September 8, 2018

General Rules

1.      Exhibitors must be registered for the convention.

2.      Exhibitors can be a member of any rose society or the American Rose Society.

3.      Entries will be accepted up to 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 8th.

4.      Entries will be placed by the committee.

5.      Judging will start at 10:30AM, the same time as Horticulture judging. The decision of the judges is final.

6.      Entries can be removed by the exhibitor at the end of the show during breakdown.

7.      Due to the size of the show and the high interest in photography we will limit the amount of entries to no more than 10. Exhibitors can enter up to three entries in each class but can enter as many classes as desired. A photograph may not be entered in more than one class.

8.      All photographs must be the work of the photographer and must be the work of a single photographer.

9.      Previous winning entries (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in any ARS Photography or District Photography competition are prohibited.

10.  Photographs may be digital or film; digital or darkroom enhancements are allowed.

11.  Photographs must be in color except for the Creative class (Class 7) where color, black and white or combinations are allowed.

12.  Photographs must be 8”x10”. This size is considered better for viewing.

13.  Each entry must have a properly completed entry tag (same as a rose show).

14.  The entry tag is to be folded and paper clipped to the top left front corner of the photo.

15.  ARS exhibition names are to be used.

16.  Entry tags and report covers will be available at the registration desk. Please provide your own paper clips.

17.  First, Second and Third place or no award may be awarded.

18.  Best of each class will be chosen from the first place awards. Each Best in Class is eligible for Queen, King or Princess.

19.  There will be no ribbons awarded for this small informal show.




Criteria for Judging

Conformance – 10 points

Adhering to the requirements of the class descriptions.


Specific Section-40 points, Entry is correct for the class in the schedule.


Composition – 15 points

Includes point of interest, balance, contrast, and viewpoint.


Technique- 15 points

Correct exposure, sharp focus of the main subject, and other technical issues.


Distinction – 20 points

What makes the photograph unique and over others in its class






Class 1- A photo of one bloom of a hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, miniflora or miniature at its most perfect stage (no side buds permitted).




Class 2- A photo of one spray of two or more blooms of a hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, climber, miniflora, miniature or polyantha.




Class 3- A photo of one bloom of any old garden rose, shrub, polyantha or climber.




Class 4- A photo of one spray of two or more blooms of any shrub.




Class 5- A photo of one fully open rose of any variety including singles with stamens showing.




Class 6- A photo of a garden with the primary subject being the roses.





Class 7- A photo taken of one bloom or a spray of two or more blooms of any variety. Entrance into this category is reserved for any exhibitor who has not won 1st place, 2nd place or 3rd place at any local, district or national show.




Class 8- A photo taken of any variety of rose or part of any rose that uses creativity to show the rose in a different light.



Class 9- A photo taken of any variety rose in bud stage.




Class 10- A photo of any variety of rose, or a garden with the primary subject being the rose. A high level of distinction will be expected.






2018 Yankee
District Convention

March 23-25, 2018
Doubletree by Hilton

123 Old River Road, Andover, MA 01810



Floral Arranging Workshop

Photography Contest


Rose Window Feb 2018


Rose Window July 2017

Four Score and Roses Galore

ARS National Show and Convention -Gettysburg

with Yankee District Trophy classes  and District meeting

September 8-10, 2017



Schedule of Events

Horticultural Schedule

Arrangement Schedule

Photography Schedule



 Newsletter of the Yankee District
The Rose Window, our District  newsletter, is available on-line

Yankee District Newsletter

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editor Andy Vanable


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Congratulations to John Mattia for winning the ARS Blake Hedrick Award!

Introduction This award is established in memory of Guy Blake Hedrick, Jr. to recognize outstanding rose exhibitors who display the highest levels of excellence, integrity, and respect for the ideals of showing roses typified by Mr. Hedrick during his long career as a rosarian. It is intended as a life-long achievement award for an exhibitor who has been a successful National, District, and local exhibitor, and also a model in sharing his/her knowledge in growing championship roses. Acts Worthy of Recognition The following examples may be used as general guidance to identify those activities that are deemed worthy of nomination for consideration: • Sustained success in showing roses at the National, District and local levels for a decade or longer by an individual or team who has consistently exhibited rose show entries of the highest caliber with integrity and spirit for the ideals of the American Rose Society; • Sustained lifetime achievement by an individual in devoting and focusing his or her educational talents and expertise to promoting the art of exhibition of the rose through consistent and reliable contributions to educating the public about exhibiting roses; and/or • Significant and sustained acts of achievement by an individual in organizing and overseeing the conduct of successful rose shows at the National, District and local levels.



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