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Revised Yankee District Bylaws

(Here are scans of the original bylaws for comparison: 1,2,3)

(please see correction also)


Unfortunately, in finalizing a copy of the revised By-Laws for distribution, I inadvertently left in a “committee discussion point” regarding consideration of sharing convention net income. This is done in some of the large Districts out West as an incentive for their small societies to host a convention. We determined that it wouldn’t work in the Yankee District since our income is relatively small due to our smaller size, and all our net income from Yankee District spring conventions is used to help run a second, smaller convention in the fall as well as to support other District activities such as seminars, schools, and awards. The item in red below erroneously was left in the recently posted version, and is to be deleted. Please post it as an addendum to the previously posted revised By-Laws for the Yankee District.  

John Mattia, chair, By-Laws Revision Committee

Section 2. A member society that serves as host to a District annual convention shall open and maintain a separate bank account, in the name of the “Local Society, Yankee District”. All funds deposited into that account shall be restricted to use for that convention. Within a reasonable time, not to exceed ninety days after the District annual convention, this separate bank account shall be closed, audited, and a report thereof submitted to the treasurer and District Director. The net profits from a District annual convention shall be divided equally between the District and the host society.


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