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Local Society Name E-mail Yr. Appoint CR Yr. Appoint MR Next Audit Date Outstnding Consulting Rosarian AWARD RECEIVED
CRS Margaret Bercovitz mbercovitz@gmail.com 2017   2021  
CRS David W Candler davcandler@aol.com 2000 2010 2020 2016
NERS David C Cannistraro fastboat01@yahoo.com 1987 2006 2020 1999
RIRS Angelina Chute APC1090@aol.com 2003 2013 2020 2010
RIRS Michael Chute mikechute@aol.com 1996 2007 2020 2004
RIRS Edward Cunningham edcps116@cox.net 2000 2010 2021  
RIRS Patricia Cunningham patham@cox.net 2000 2010 2021 2006
CRS Patti Curtin patti_curtin@yahoo.com 2017   2021  
NERS Jeannette Danehy Jeannetted2@verizon.net 2013   2020  
RIRS Rachelle Desrochers rachelle47@verizon.net 2017   2021  
NERS Craig Dorschel craig.dorschel@charter.net 2003 2013 2020 2011
RIRS Cindy Ehrenreich  dollsandroses@HOTMAIL.COM 2009   2020  
RIRS Irwin Ehrenreich theroseman@operamail.com 2006   2020 2017
NERS Cynthia P Fraser saabsister91@yahoo.com 2003 2014 2020  
CRS Michael D Fuss mfuss@snet.net 1980 2005 2020 1995
CRS Jay Hartling jayhartlin@gmail.com 2017   2021  
NERS Chu W Jung rosedoc@ymail.com 2003   2020  
RIRS Frank Karikas fkarikas@gmail.com 2013   2020  
CRS Zachary Lau  w1vt@arrl.org 2013   2020  
NERS Barbara Leduc bmleduc420@rcn.com 2013   2020  
CRS David R Long longcottage@comcast.net 2000 2011 2020  
NERS Lee A. Macneil gooddayflowers@yahoo.com 2006   2021  
CRS Marcella P Martin windsorroselady@gmail.com 2000 2010 2020 2008
CRS Rebecca Martorelli beckym06451@yahoo.com 2009   2020  
CRS John P Mattia jpmattia@gmail.com 1977 2005 2020 1998
NERS Teresa Mosher purplerosesinbloom@yahoo.com 2009   2020  
RIRS Clive Nickerson cliven@cox.net 2009   2020  
RIRS Dacia Nickerson cliven@cox.net 2009   2020 2013
LCRS Audrey Osborn caperose@gmail.com 1996 2008 2020 2002
LCRS William Osborn ozrose12@gmail.com 1996 2008 2020 2002
CRS Judith Paniccia jepan01@aol.com 2009   2020  
RIRS Paul Raymond raypaulden@aol.com 2017   2021  
CRS Susanne Redway sueredway@hotmail.com 2013   2020  
CRS Arija Retsema retsema@att.net 2013   2020  
CRS Mirjana Toyn toynhouse2@aol.com 2013   2020  
RIRS Andy Vanable rogerwilliamspark@cox.net 2013   2020  

CR application

Master Rosarian Designation

If you have at least ten (10) years’ service as an active CR, and you want to continue as an active CR, than you should consider filing the attached application.  Read carefully all the requirements and who can fill out the application. 

Any questions, please feel free to write me at longcottage@comcast.net


David Long

YD CR Chair




Any member of the American Rose Society may qualify as a Consulting Rosarian by the following:


1.      Must be a regular, joint or associate member of the American Rose Society for three consecutive years.

2.      Must be an active member of a local rose society.

3.      Must have grown roses of various types for at least five years and should be knowledgeable about equipment and materials related to rose culture.

4.      Must provide three letters of recommendation by any three Consulting Rosarians on the form provided by the District Consulting Rosarian Chairman or a letter of recommendation signed by any three Consulting Rosarians.

5       Must attend an approved ARS school/workshop for Consulting Rosarians and complete and pass an open book written review based on the material contained in the Consulting Rosarian Manual with a score not less than 75%.

6.      Must be in attendance at all programs presented at the school.

7.      Must know and be willing to live up to the Consulting Rosarian Code.

8.      Must be willing to attend no less than one Consulting Rosarian School/Seminar every four years. 

9.      Must yearly submit a Roses In Review and a completed individual activity report form to the District Chairman of Consulting Rosarians by the date designated by the District Chairman if required by the District Chairman.

10.    Must exhibit a continuing willingness to share knowledge and an enthusiasm for the rose and the American Rose Society ideals.

11,   A Consulting Rosarian ribbon badge is available from ARS Headquarters for those who have met the school and test requirements. School receipt certificates are required to obtain the badge. 


After passing the open book written review the CR then receives a date for the completion of their next 4-point audit. CRs are required to accrue 4 credits in 4 years by either attending approved seminars for CR credits or by auditing an approved CR school before the end of December of their audit year.


A CR may accrue more than the required 4 credits by the time they reach their audit date, but those credits expire in the year of their audit and their next audit date will move forward during their audit year for another 4 years.


CR credits are kept track of by the District CR Chair and the individual CRs. During the year of audit the District CR Chair will notify the National CR Chair and the ARS when a CR has completed their accreditation audit.


In order to maintain active status, a Consulting Rosarian:

            1.      Must attend a CR school or obtain 4 approved CR continuing education credits every four years.

            2.      Must remain a member of a local society.

            3.      Must not refuse to have name and method of contact listed in any rose related reference.

            4.      Must submit a yearly Roses in Review Report by deadline established by ARS.


I have attached a CR School Application for anyone interested in becoming a Consulting Rosarian.  Please fill out the Application and forward to me at longcottage@comcast.net or mail to me at 126 Whippoorwill Road, Old Lyme, CT 06371.  Upon receipt of your application, I will forward the New CR Candidate Form and the Letter of Recommendation form for your completion.  THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR CANDIDATE AND RECOMMENDATION FORMS IS FEBRUARY 21, 2013.  PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE.


  Consulting rosarians must be able to be contacted by the rose growing public. Contact me so I can post your email and/or phone number here)
For more information contact Yankee Consulting Rosarian Chair David Long

The following are the requirements for becoming a consulting rosarian:
1) Member of the ARS for 3 years
2) Grown roses for 5 years
3) Active member of a local society
4) Live up to guidelines in Consulting Rosarian guide
5) Exhibit a willingness to share knowledge of roses
6)Recommendations of 3 Consulting Rosarians
7) Attend a consulting rosarian seminar and pass the open book test

To remain a Consulting Rosarian one must:
1) Attend a consulting rosarian seminar every 4 years or attend several accredited classes in CR subjects to be re-certified
2) Submit an annual report by Feb. 1 of each year
3) "Must not refuse to have name or method of contact listed in any reference"
The ARS puts out a publication called "Consulting Rosarians Manual" ($15 with binder, $10 without) full of information on rose cultivation, diseases etc. as well as the particulars of being a Consulting Rosarian.


2011 Consulting Rosarian Report summary (from 2010 growing season)

2010 Consulting Rosarian Report Results  

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