2022 Scallop Fest and District Show September 9-11
District Rose Show Schedule

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List of Roses in Review for this year

Rose Window February 2022
Yankee District newsletter
edited by Andy Vanable

I've added some Lobsterfest photos on the photo page.
If you have some you would like added, send them to patsygc@gmail.com

Great News!

We're happy to announce that Craig Dorschel has won his elective bid to be vicepresident of the American Rose Society.

He will be installed as President in 3 years at a National Convention to be planned for New England

We wish him the best and hope our whole District will assist him in any way that he needs

2021 Guidelines for Judging Roses - full text

Important Changes in Judging Rules

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the only remaining grounds for Disqualifying a rose are in the list below. If there is any question about the certainty of an offense, a judge must never disqualify an entry.

Only the following grounds disqualifications remain. There are no others. Don't invent any!

1. A foreign substance applied to enhance the beauty of the entry.

2. Misnamed. Rose is not the variety given on the entry tag or an accepted synonym.

3. Unlabeled or Mislabeled is defined as Entry lacks: an entry tag or the exhibitor's name, a class number, and/or the name of the variety is not given on the entry tag.

4. Exhibitor's name visible, if this not corrected before the entry is judged.

5. Any entry that was not grown outdoors and/or not grown by the exhibitor.

6. Violations of show rules that NOW cause a DQ:
a) A challenge class or collection entry that does not satisfy the composition and/or staging requirements of the class in which it is entered.
b) An entry in a class with restricted eligibility that the exhibitor is not eligible to enter.
c) When expressly prohibited by the show rules, entries made in the name of an absent exhibitor.
d) Unless expressly permitted by the show rules, separate entries from the same garden by two or more exhibitors.
e) Unless expressly permitted by the show rules, multiple entries of the same variety by the same exhibitor in the same class.

Show rules establishing additional reasons for disqualification are prohibited, and are to be ignored by Judges.

In other words, ANY DQ that you can remember, that is not on this list, IS NO LONGER A DISQUALIFICATION.
HOWEVER, while some previous D's were abolished, most were reduced to POSSIBLE Penalties, the amount of penalization determined by their degree of distraction.


1. Stem-on-Stem (where not allowed above the lip) NOW a Potential penalty AND Stem-on-Stem (below the lip) - NOW abolished
2. Not Disbudded ( Side Buds) when required, NOW a Potential penalty
3. Foreign Substance DQ: NOW ONLY when applied to enhance the beauty of the entry
4. Misplaced (regardless of who misplaced it): NOW neither a DQ or a Penalty, but, must be corrected before being judged
5. Misclassed: NOW neither a DQ or a Penalty, but, must be corrected before being judged. If it is not practicable to move the entry to the proper class, it may be disqualified.
6. Misnamed: Still a DQ
7. Improperly Named: NOW neither a DQ or a Penalty, but, must be corrected before being judged, by the Judge
8. Unlabeled or Mislabeled - Still a DQ
9. Violation of Show Rules - wedging NOT a DQ; Lacking Entry tag info beyond what is NOW required in the above new rules is neither a DQ nor a Penalty
10. Exhibitor's Name Visible: should be corrected before being judged, or else, a DQ
11. Roses not grown outdoors and/or not grown by the exhibitor - DQ
12. More than one entry of the same variety in the same class from the same exhibitor - Possible DQ if it was not relocated there by show staff

DISQUALIFICATION VERSUS PENALIZATION A disqualified exhibit is removed from competition and is ineligible for any award. An exhibit is penalized when it has a fault in any of the six prime elements of judging. Points are deducted according to the degree of impairment. An exhibit that has been penalized remains in competition and may receive any award for which it is eligible.

Ed Cunningham
Yankee District Chair of Horticultural Judges


Powerpoints from the Ehrenreichs

Irwin and Cindy Ehrenreich have generously allowed us to post their wonderful rose PowerPoints. Please note, these are for personal enjoyment only. You may not share, present, edit or use any photos from  them without the permission of Irwin at theroseman@fastmail.com

PDF files:

Kordes Roses

Austin Roses

Buck Roses

Minis and Minifloras

Rose Classification


Yankee District Newsletters:

The Rose Window, July 2019 Issue



ARS Horticulture Judging Virtual Seminar
"Special Topics in Judging Roses: Updates, Challenge Classes, and Ethics"


Saturday, January 16  1:00 PM CST


Presented by


Bruce Monroe, Master Rosarian

ARS National Chair of Horticulture Judging Committee



Bruce Monroe has been a member of the American Rose Society since 1974 and a Consulting Rosarian since 1981.

He has been a judge since 1981 and is the current ARS National Chairman of Horticulture Judging Committee

(having also served as chairman from 2009-2012).  Bruce lives in Wilmington, Delaware, with his wife, Liz, where he cares for 100 roses in his personal garden and is a volunteer at the Jasper Crane Rose Garden which has over 450 rose bushes.


        This online program will cover the latest information on judging updates, challenge classes, and ethics. 


All ARS judges will receive one hour of credit for attending this webinar.



Register today for the webinar on Saturday, January 16, at 1:00 PM CST

(2:00 PM EST, 12:00 PM MST, 11:00 AM PT, 8:00 AM Hawaii)

Click on the "REGISTER NOW" link below.



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


This online seminar is FREE to current ARS members, but advance registration is necessary.

Space is limited so please register by Thursday, January 14, to reserve your place. Be sure to join the webinar early on January 16.

If you have already registered, please disregard this email.



2021 Rose In Review Cultivars

This is the list of varieties you will be scoring for Roses in Review this year , on the ARS website http://ROSE.ORG

2021 RIR Cultivars





Abracadabra F, rb

Arctic Blue  F, m

Bliss Parfuma F, pb

Brick House F, mr

Bright & Shiny F, ab

Burst of Joy  F, ob

Celestial Night  F, m

Celestine F, dp

Dancing Pink F, dp

Emma Hafti F pb

Forever Rose  F, w

Garden Sunshine F, my

Great Speckled Bird  F, pb

Honey Bee Haven  F, op

Kaffe Fasset F, m

La Park F ab

Life of the Party F, yb

Like No Other F, m

Lion King  F, ly

Lone Star F, ly

Mango Veranda F ob

Marc Chagall F, pb

Pink Brickhouse F, dp

Queen of Elegance  F, pb

Rosie the Riveter F ob

Roxanne F mr

St Tropez F ab

Soaring to Glory F dy

Sol Desire F dy

Spice It Up F, pb

Sunbeam F, dy

Surreal F, ob

Tequila Supreme F, ob

True Friendship  F, my

True Integrity  F, ob

True Sincerity  F, yb

White Veranda F, w



Children’s Hope Pol, mr

Courtney Marie  Pol, dr

Four Sisters Pol, pb

Kendyl Marie  Pol, dp

My Wildest Dreams  Pol, rb

Pretty Polly Lavender  Pol, m

Pretty Polly Pink  Pol, dp

Pretty Polly White  Pol, w

Sigrid Pol, mr




Alex’s Lemonade Stand Gr, dy

Fun in the Sun Gr, ab

Honey Bee Kind  Gr, my

Oh Happy Day Gr ab

Show Your Stripes Gr, m

Simply Magnificent Gr, m

Sitting Pretty Gr, mp

State of Grace  Gr, yb

Sweet Spirit  Gr, rb


Hybrid Tea


Beautiful Day  HT, ab

Because She Served  HT, mr

Bugatti HT m

Canada Blooms  HT, pb

Della Reese HT, dp

Dr Jane Goodall HT pb

Enchanted Peace HT,ab

Hot Prince  HT, rb

Julie Andrews HT, pb

King Kong HT ab

Le Petit Prince HT, m

Love at First Sight  HT, rb

Moonlight Romantica HT my

Nora Virginia HT, yb

Odd Fellows’ Bicentennial  HT, pb

Orange Crush HT, ob

Painted Porcelain HT, pb

Perfume Factory HT, m

Pinkerbelle HT pb

Robert Bruce HT, my

Royal Kate  HT, lp

Shirley’s Bouquet HT w

Stiletto  HT, dp

Sugar Plum HT, m

Sweet Mademmoiselle HT pb

True Inspiration  HT, pb

True Passion  HT, or




Anne Belovich HWich lp

Bathsheba LCl ab

Cherry Frost  LCl, mr

Eyeconic Plum Lemonade LCl, m

Highwire Flyer LCl dp

Kiss Me Kate LCl lp

Tangerine Flames LCl, ob

Tangerine Skies LCl ob

The Albrighton Rambler LCl, lp

True Gratitude  LCL, dp   


Miniature & Miniflora


Aristides  MinFl,ab

Bob Martin Min dy

Candy Sunblaze  Min, rb

City of Torrance MinFl m

Code of Honor MinFl rb

Dream Catcher MinFl rb

Dreamsicle Min ob

Emily Justine Min, mr

Empty Pockets Min, lp

Eternal Hope Min dy

Forever Young MinFl, mr

Francesco Min m

Hot & Sassy Min or

Hours Change Min or

Hugs & Kisses Min ly

Life’s Little Pleasures  Min, m

Little Grey Pearl  Min, m

Marita Lindner Min lp

Morning Star MinFl ly

Old Tappan MinFl op

Orange Parfait  Min, ob

Pat Shanley MinFl pb

Patsy Gerling Cinningham Min, w

Peachy Bear  Min, ab

Perfect Moment  Min, yb

Rachel Marie  Min, rb

Samantha Tai  MinFl, pb

Southern Girl Min, op

Sunrosa Red Min, mr

Sunrosa Soft Pink Min, lp

Sunrosa Yellow Min, my

Swirly Pop Min yb

Vernon’s Laugh MinFl pb

Zion Rose MinFl, yb


Shrub & OGR  


Ann’s Beautiful Daughter S pb

Belinda’s Blush S lp

Calypso Sweet Spot S, rb

Canadian Shield S dr

Chardon HMult, w

Chi S, mr

Chinook Sunrise  S op

Christian J  S, m

Coral Freedom  S, op

Crazy Love S, ob

Desdemona S w

Doreen’s Centennial S mp

Double Pink S, dp

Emma June  HMsk, pb

Eyeconic Mango Lemonade S ab

Firecracker Kolorscape S, or

Grace ‘n’ Grit Pink  S, pb

Grace ‘n’ Grit Pink Bicolor  S, pb

Grace ‘n’ Grit Red  S, dr

Grace ‘n’ Grit Yellow S, ly

Gypsy Sue S ab

Hawaii Volcanoes HMult, lp

Helga’s Quest  S, ab

Honey Bee Lovely S, ob

Hot Paprika S or

Imogen S ly

In Your Eyes  S, yb

Italian Ice  S, yb

James L Austin  S, dp

Landlust  S, yb

Marilyn Moore  S, ly

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Kor, mr

Mauvelous S m

Miss Linda Bischoff S mp

Mrs Howard Moore S mp

Mrs Sam Houston S mp

Orange Freedom  S, ob

Oso Easy Peasy  S, dp

Peach Lemonade S, yb

Peach Sweet Spot S, ab

Peggy Martin HMult, mp

Pink Freedom  S, mp

Pink Snowflakes S, pb

Pinktopia  S, mp

Playful Happy Trails S, rb

President Shanley  S, w

Promises S pb

Raspberry Stripe  S, rb

Red Freedom  S, mr

Relais & Chateaux  S, pb

Ringo  S, yb

Rita Dennis S dr

Roald Dahl S ab

Ruby Sweet Spot S, pb

Sharon HRg, lp

Sunorita S, my

Sunset Happy Trails S, op

Sweet Frances  S, pb

Sweet Hips  HRg, dp

The Ancient Mariner S mp

The Billington Rose S dp

The Mill on the Floss S, mp

Top Gun S mr

Tottering-by-Gently S, my

Ultra Violet Simplicity  S, m

Urban Legend S, mr

Vanessa Bell  S, ly

Windsor Castle Wedding S, pb

Yellow Freedom, S, my

Yellow Sweet Spot S, yb


Special Group