Roses in Review 2011 Summary

Roses In Review
By Irwin & Cindy Ehrenreich

Once again I would like to thank all the members of the Yankee District who submitted a Roses In Review report.  This year there were 37 reports (up from 29 last year).  There were 107 varieties reported on. 


The most reported on rose was Pope John Paul II with 13 reports, followed by Cinco de Mayo with 12 reports.  The Pope received a garden rating of 7.5 and an exhibition rating of 7.4. Cinco de Mayo received a healthy 8.3 garden rating and an 8 for its exhibition potential. 


In the Floribunda class, the top garden rating went to Super Hero with an 8.6.  This also finished in the top spot last year. This rose is part of Bailey’s ‘Easy Elegance’ series and is a great rose for the beginner as well as the experienced grower. 


The Floribunda with the top exhibition score was Lovestruck.  This is a lovely bloom with a hand painted quality to it that makes a nice presentation on the show tables. 


The top rated Grandiflora in both categories is Rock & Roll with an 8.3 garden and an 8.4 exhibition.  It’s a healthy, bushy, plant with a pretty, striped bloom. It makes a good companion rose for Dick Clark. 


The highest rated Hybrid Tea is Summer Love with a 8.1 garden rating and an 8 for exhibition.  It’s the perfect brilliant yellow with nice, huge blooms.


Lunar Mist scored an 8.8 garden rating for Climbers.  This is a fantastic arbor climber with a fabulous fragrance. It’s a fast grower & blooms non-stop.  It’s a sport of Collette and carries many of her wonderful qualities.  Winner’s Circle tops the exhibition spot with an 8.  It’s a very hardy and healthy rose with a beautiful display of fall hips.


In the Miniatures/Miniflora category Smiling Jean took top spot with an impressive 9 in the garden rating. This is a lovely, fast growing, salmon miniflora, very vigorous and hardy.  In a hint from one of our reporters, it does well in the ‘Rose in a Bowl’ category in shows.  The Miniflora Shameless received a 9.1 exhibition rating.  It has perfect form and the beautiful magenta against the bright white makes it a winner on the show table.


In the shrub class, Sweet Drift scored an 8.9 in the garden rating.  The Drift series is a wonderful shrub series from Star Roses, Sweet Drift being one of the newest.  These are great landscape roses that require very little care.  They are very vigorous and hardy.  Teeny Bopper and High Voltage tied with an 8.5 for exhibition.  Teeny Bopper has nice large clusters of blooms and is very floriferous.  High Voltage is a nice yellow with beautiful, healthy foliage and good repeat.


In the Special Section, Kathleen Ferrier, a floribunda, scored a 9 in the garden rating and an 8.5 in the exhibition rating. This rose is highly recommended for its good repeat and hardiness.


As always, I would like to see more reports next year.  The more reports that are received, the more accurate the results will be.  The more accurate the results are, the better it will be for selecting the right rose for those of us growing roses in New England.


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