District Consulting Rosarian Chair: Toni Simonetti


I urge everyone to attend the ARS Consulting Rosarian Webinars, to earn a CR designation, to meet your re-accreditation requirements, or just to brush up on what you already know. 

The ARS and your National Consulting Rosarian Chairmen Mike and Anita Eckley are making it easy to attend by consolidating the classes into two sessions:

February 3, 2024    12:30 AM – 3:30 PM Eastern Time

February 10, 2024    12:30 AM – 3:30 PM Eastern Time

New CR Candidates must attend all of the Webinars. If you plan to apply as new CR, please contact Yankee District Chair of Consulting Rosarians Toni Simonetti (prtoni@yahoo.com) to insure all the paperwork is completed by January 31, 2023.   

EBlasts will be sent with links to these Webinars.  It is recommended that candidates use a computer to register to insure credit for the courses.

Send a copy of this application form to Toni Simonetti (prtoni@yahoo.com)) with a copy to Jennifer at ARS (Jennifer@ars.org). 

Here is a link to the New CR Candidate Form:


Here is a link to the CR Manual which appears to be a $10 purchase:


I can’t stress enough how helpful Consulting Rosarians are to gardeners everywhere, including those who want one rose in their gardens to those who aspire to be exhibitors.  It is a rewarding role we can play in the gardening community.  If you haven’t yet taken the leap, you won’t regret it.  At the very least, you will learn a lot from expert Rosarians through the course.  Just do it!

Current Consulting Rosarians
NameLocal SocietyYear AppointedNext Audit Date
Margaret BercovitzCRS20172025
Charles BrailsfordRIRS20212025
Dave CandlerCRS20002025
Dave CannistraroNERS19872026
Angie ChuteRIRS20032025
Mike ChuteRIRS19962025
Ed CunninghamRIRS20002026
Patsy CunninghamRIRS20002026
Patti CurtinCRS20172025
Jeannette DanehyNERS20132026
Bruce DavisCRS20212025
Rachelle DesrochersRIRS20172025
Elissa Della-PianaRIRS20222026
Craig DorschelNERS20032026
Cindy EhrenreichNERS20092026
Irwin EhrenreichNERS20062026
Cindy P FraserNERS20032026
Mike FussCRS19802026
Lynne HarringtonRIRS20202026
Jay HartlingCRS20172026
Nancy GaiewskiRIRS20222026
Chu W JungNERS20032026
Frank KarikasRIRS20132026
Zack LauCRS20132026
Barbara LeDucNERS20132026
Dave LongCRS20002026
Lee MacneilNERS20062025
Marci MartinCRS20002025
Rebecca MartorelliCRS20092026
Mary MacDonaldNERS20222026
Lynne McHughNERS20202025
Teresa MosherNERS20092025
Clive NickersonRIRS20092025
Dacia NickersonRIRS20092025
Audrey OsbornNERS19962025
Oz OsbornNERS19962025
Judy PanicciaCRS20092026
Paul RaymondRIRS20172026
Montine RossRIRS20222026
Toni SimonettiCRS20202026
Mirjana ToynCRS20132025
Andrew VanableNERS20132026